Project 002: SFV Acid

SFV Acid may just be the world's most interesting man. From performing at LACMA to sketching designs for Saint Laurent, not even he can predict his next move. For our sophomore project, we reached out to SFV and asked him to let us get a peek behind the curtain. Our goal was to work with him to create a project that would combine electronic music and interactive art for a charitable cause. For five days, Origami Vinyl in Echo Park displayed an interactive work of art by SFV Acid that featured his fully-customized Music Production Controller (MPC). Now available for purchase, the proceeds from the MPC will go toward Young Producers Group. Founded by Lawrence Grey, YPG's mission is to provide electronic music production classes to students in Los Angeles through after-school and in-school programs. As part of this project, SFV Acid has also created a limited edition "Save Art" T-Shirt.The shirt is currently available in our web store. As longtime fans of SFV, we are excited to be a part of this project. 

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