Sometimes it's the simplicity of a message that makes a strong statement. For our second Side Project, we've partnered with a legendary street artist and charismatic financial advisor to create a one-of-a-kind product. Click in to learn more. 

Project 008

We've partnered with instrument-builder Mike Corrigan and members of the Jazz community to produce a first-of-its-kind trumpet, handcrafted with materials sourced from buildings affected by natural disasters, gentrification, and housing redevelopment projects in New Orleans. "A NEW Sound” exhibition tour kicks off February 13th. Click in to learn more. 

Project 007

We became fans of Aly McKnight's work as soon as we saw it. The Save Art team spoke with Aly by phone and then headed to Provo to sit down with her at her studio. Within minutes of meeting her we realized that Aly's story was more fascinating than we could have ever imagined. Watch her project now.  



Introducing our newest project series; "Side Project 001". We teamed up with hip hop record collector @AmirRahimi7 to create a new way to purchase and collect vinyl records. A Blind Boxset.  Each box contains 3 pre-owned records hand-picked from collections across the country. Boxes are limited and currently exclusively sold at Urban Outfitters. 

Project 006

You never really know if you are pushing your limit until you break past it. For our sixth project, Save Art teamed up with local photographer Will Nichols and well-known blog site Highsnobiety to pull off what most people said would be impossible for us to do.


Project 005

Every hip-hop fan has seen Joe Cool' s work - whether they know it or not. His iconic West Coast illustration work has blessed dozens of album covers - including his cousin Snoop Dogg' s classic debut, Doggystyle. 


Project 004

On the road by day, on the stage at night: this is the life of tour photographer Grady Brannan. A master at capturing the uncontainable energy of the most popular performers and their audiences, Grady has shot for Drake and Kanye, Thrasher Magazine and Rolling Stone, and is currently documenting the tours of G-Eazy and A-Trak.


Project 003

Tucked away in the back of Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, CA, Freddy Negrete sits with laser-like focus over another masterpiece on the arm of a 25 year-old girl, adding to her collage of black and grey ink. 


Project 002

SFV Acid may just be the world's most interesting man. From performing at LACMA to sketching designs for Saint Laurent, not even he can predict his next move.


Project 001

Hawaiian native Aaron Kai is a rising star in the world of visual art who is quickly becoming known for his vibrant "post-pop" style waves. Kai's art is respected and promoted by tastemakers in both art and fashion such as the founders of The Hundreds clothing brand. We are huge fans of Kai's artistic style and body of work and saw an opportunity to partner with this outstanding artist to create a project that would have meaning to both him and his community.