Project 005: Joe Cool

Every hip-hop fan has seen Joe Cool' s work - whether they know it or not. His iconic West Coast illustration work has blessed dozens of album covers - including his cousin Snoop Dogg' s classic debut, Doggystyle. For our fifth project Save Art teamed up with Joe to donate a custom painting to a rehabilitation center in his hometown, Long Beach. The non-profit facility, Safe Refuge, has helped more than 20,000 people get clean and sober - making a huge impact on Joe and his community. It was only right to bring his story full circle and create a piece of art to inspire others. The artwork features a house on an island, which represents Safe Refuge. This healthy oasis is surrounded by a sea of shark-like creators all symbolizing different drugs. Joe describes this ocean as the streets, the personal demons and the world of addiction that almost cost him his dreams. Watch above as we sit down with Joe to learn more about his life on tour and his contribution to his community. Along with the project Save Art and Joe Cool have produced a limited edition t-shirt featuring Joe's iconic hand style. T-Shirts are available on our web store here.

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