Project 004: Grady Brannan

On the road by day, on the stage at night: this is the life of tour photographer Grady Brannan. A master at capturing the uncontainable energy of the most popular performers and their audiences, Grady has shot for Drake and Kanye, Thrasher Magazine and Rolling Stone, and is currently documenting the tours of G-Eazy and A-Trak. For Project 004, we took Grady out of his typical nightlife environment and brought him into a classroom to talk to photography and the importance of film with students at the School of the Arts in San Fransisco. The fast-paced life of artists on tour requires Grady to shoot primarily digital photos, but as he shares in the video above, his true passion lies in film photography. At the end of the class, Grady gave each student a customized Kodak disposable camera featuring a collage of his photographs. In addition to Grady's lecture, we also produced a limited edition zine entitled "Positive Negatives" featuring a behind-the-scenes look at Grady's life on tour through images of celebrities, concertgoers and the city of San Francisco. "It's more of an art, it's more real. It's the actual light from that moment soaked up into a negative." Zines may be purchased here.

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