SIDE Project 002: Cash For Your Warhol

Cash for your Warhol. A simple message offering a quick reward for the uncommon collector. After coming across one of Geoff Hargadon's infamous signs four years ago in Los Angeles, CA, the obvious question “Is this serious?” led us on what has been a multi-year long search for the man himself. 

The Cash For Your Warhol series has been displayed around the world after first being introduced in 2009 during the U.S. financial crisis. Geoff started by posting stickers and vinyl signs and eventually that artwork made its way into the hands of all types of collectors, which brought him notoriety in the art world. Over the years, Geoff has also hosted pop-up locations for “in-person appraisals” and purchased billboards around the state of Massachusetts. The CFYW series is one of many projects by artist Geoff Hargadon. 

For our second Save Art Side Project, we've partnered with Geoff to transform one of his billboards into 35 one-of-a-kind tote bags. Each bag was hand cut and sewn in Los Angeles and features a different section of the 20-foot long banner.  Each tote bag also comes with a limited edition signed photo of the billboard. 

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