Project 007: Aly McKnight

Hawaiian native Aaron Kai is a rising star in the world of visual art who is quickly becoming known for his vibrant "post-pop" style waves. Kai's art is respected and promoted by tastemakers in both art and fashion such as the founders of The Hundreds clothing brand. We are huge fans of Kai's artistic style and body of work and saw an opportunity to partner with this outstanding artist to create a project that would have meaning to both him and his community. Project 001 gives new life to a once used vintage Herman Miller "Surfboard" table while also giving support to Pow! Wow! Hawaii. This arts-focused charity is a private non-profit that champions arts in all mediums in education through classes and events. The Surfboard table features Aaron's signature style of curvaceous barrel waves and bright pops of color. The table is now available for purchase on a first come, first served basis. Proceeds from the sale of the table will be donated to Pow! Wow! Hawaii.